Christmas Torrejón de Ardoz 2022 – 2023

The Christmas of Torrejón de Ardoz It is one of the coolest family plans in the Spanish capital. Their Magical Christmas and its Christmas park they are a magical dream for any child. 

This year will take place November 18 as of January 6, 2023

The actor and television presenter, Carlos Sobera, will be this year’s ambassador.

Below we tell you how this planazo is, the news, the schedule, prices and how to buy your tickets.

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The Christmas Park

Magical Christmas of Torrejón it was renamed the Christmas park and how it happened last year will not be free for all visitors but a very cheap plan.

All Christmas activity is usually concentrated in the Fairground and it has two large areas of parking with 3,000 seats.

All attendees, both registered and unenrolled in Torrejón de Ardoz, will have to purchase an online ticket to be able to access.

Those who are registered can get their online ticket for free, while the non-registered will pay a maximum of 2 to 4 euros per ticket.

On November 23 and 30 and December 14 and 21 It will be free for everyone this year so that no one is left without living this experience.

They will once again have children’s attractions, Christmas decorations, street markets and shows like the Magic Door, the great light and sound show that returns one more year exclusively to Christmas in Torrejón.

Magical Christmas News

This year he joined the Magic Christmas of Torrejón the Way of Bethlehem, a great natural scale tour of that historic city.

Also Ice Festival, the first International Competition of Ice Figures in Spain. A tour of an icy world that will leave an unforgettable memory to all its visitors.

Unique experiences with novel and surprising shows as they are The 3 Wise Men, the story never told of the magicians of the East, a trip that narrates the arrival in Bethlehem of Melchor, Gaspar and Baltasar.

Children and adults who will also enjoy in The Christmas House, the place to live the Christmas magic. Inside the oak walls of this wonderful house you will let your imagination run wild, helping the elves or the pages to prepare the gifts, and knowing Santa Claus or King Melchor personally, to whom you can deliver your wish letter.

At dusk the park surprises the most adult public with the humor proposal Christmas Monologues Stand Up by renowned monologists and comedians from the national circuit.

We will live again the Magic Gate, the Advent menines and other attractions from previous years.

We tell you everything you can enjoy in the Magic Park Christmas and below you can see the schedules.

Magic Door: the most incredible sound and light show. 

Guachis show: below you can see the passes and schedules.

Ice Festival: A tour of an icy world.

Icy mountain: The most magical space in the park where you will feel the magic of Christmas, strolling between its brilliant lighting and its icy figures.

Tree of light: The great Christmas tree in the park, with a great dynamic light show with various light sets that vary its color and decoration in a synchronized way with 30 water geysers located on the lake.

Bavarian Christmas: don’t miss the coolest Oktoberfest Christmas with shows and concerts.

Christmas Adventure: the best attractions and a giant Ferris wheel await you.

Advent menines: elegance and excellence in this unique sample of Advent menines.

Penguin Circle: Visit the figures of 2.5 meter penguins in an environment that will take us to the icy Antarctic Circle through its spectacular lighting.

The 3 Wise Men: the novel and surprising spectacle where you will learn about the never told story of the magicians of the East and their journey. A show full of magic and surprising effects.

Christmas Market: where you can find gifts for friends and family.

Photocalls space: photograph in the Christmas photocalls. 

Ark animals: an avenue of luminous animals await you.

Multiverse Galaxy: delve into the universe of the best-known superheroes and characters in the galaxy.

Christmas House: where you can meet Santa Claus and King Melchor and deliver your letter to them.

Forest of the stars: in the forest of the stars you will feel the wonder of its sensational lighting.

Food Trucks: In these trucks find hamburgers, gluten-free roast potatoes, pizzas, sweets and many more options to eat and drink.

Christmas monologues: at dusk the park surprises the public with the humor proposal “ Christmas Monologues Stand Up ”, to positions of renowned monologues and comedians of the national circuit.

Guachis Avenue: a walk through the magical world of the Guachis, the charming children of Magical Christmas, with fantasy decoration, ecological attractions and games for the whole family.

Belen Road: a great natural scale tour of that historic city.

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