Richest in Real Estate GLOBAL

Richest in Real Estate  Global

 amancio-Ortega-300x300 Richest in Real Estate GLOBAL
Amancio Ortega
$82.5B | La Coruña, Spain
Amancio Ortega is not your typical billionaire. He spends his days quietly strolling through the central plaza of the Galician city of La Coruña in northern Spain wearing a decidedly unstylish ensemble of a blue blazer, white shirt and gray trousers, and he is often found enjoying cafeteria lunches…
Warren Buffett
$76.8B | Omaha, Nebraska
His name is legendary, synonymous with decades of brilliant investments and the unimaginable wealth that resulted from them. He’s been called the top money manager of the 20th century, ranked among the most influential people in the world, been the subject of dozens of books and has been awarded the…
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 Carlos-Slim-300x300 Richest in Real Estate GLOBAL
Carlos Slim Helu
$69.7B | Mexico City, Mexico
As the Wall Street Journal once noted, it’s hard to spend a day in Mexico without putting money in Carlos Slim’s pocket. The 77-year-old business mogul controls hundreds of companies in the country and beyond, ranging from telecommunications firms and banks to airlines and retail outlets. Altogether,…
Bernard Arnault
$58.4B | Paris, France
France’s richest man, Bernard Arnault, did not gain the nickname “wolf in the cashmere coat” for nothing. The luxury retail owner’s cutthroat business acumen had him butting heads with owners of Hermès, a rival Parisian handbag and silk scarf maker, after it was revealed he was slowly buying…
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 Beate-Heister-300x300 Richest in Real Estate GLOBAL
Beate Heister, Karl Albrecht Jr. & Theo Albrecht Jr.
$51.5B | Germany
The founders of German grocer Aldi, brothers Theo and Karl Albrecht, died in 2010 and 2014, respectively, and handed the company over to the next generation. Karl’s children, Karl Albrecht Jr. and Beate Heister, and Theo’s son, Theo Albrecht Jr., are worth an estimated $51.5B combined. Theo Sr….