Creating a Garden Oasis in the City

June 23, 2017

Garden Oasis Creating a Garden Oasis in the City An outdoor garden designed by Todd Haiman for Samira Kawash and Roger Cooper in Park Slope, Brooklyn. CreditRobert Deitchler for The New York Times Samira Kawash and Roger Cooper bought their Park Slope brownstone five years ago with the idea of giving big dinner parties and enjoying lazy afternoons in the extra-large backyard. But after they moved in with their daughter, Illia, then 9...

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Who in the world is buying real estate in California? Let us tell you!

June 22, 2017

Real Estate in California WHO IN THE WORLD IS BUYING REAL ESTATE IN CALIFORNIA? By: Shannon Watson California is known far and wide for having one of the most attractive — and expensive — real estate markets in the United States.  With a median price of $475,990 for a single-family, detached home, significantly more than the U.S. average of $230,000, California homes are out of reach for most buyers. Or are they? International home buyers consistently make ...

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June 21, 2017

ISLANDS OF NEW YORK CITY A guide to the islands of New York City Ingrid Richter JUNE 19, 2017 - 1:45PM BY ALANNA SCHUBACH If an idyllic island getaway isn’t in the cards this summer, consider turning your gaze to your own backyard. Within the bounds of NYC are several islands that, while not necessarily tropical paradises, nevertheless make for pleasant day trips. Whether you’re ...

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Los Angeles ranks as the top choice in the U.S. for international real estate investors

June 20, 2017

Top choice international real estate in the U.S. Los Angeles is in a sweet spot in its real estate cycle that will make it one of the top choices in the world for buying property this year, a new report says. The L.A. area ranked No. 1 in North America in a survey of global real estate investors who have a combined total of $1.7 trillion to spend on property in 2017. Top choice cities for investment in other regions were London and Sydney, Australia. Overall, offices are the preferred cate...

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5 reasons to get apartment insurance if you have outdoor space

June 7, 2017

Apartment Whether it’s a roof deck, terrace, patio or backyard, private outdoor space is among the most coveted amenities in New York City real estate. But along with the fun, sun (hopefully) and bragging rights, an outdoor space of one’s own presents some additional risks to property and people. "Fortunately, areas immediately contiguous to your apartment are generally considered part of your apartment for insurance purposes," says New York City ...

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The New Trend: Penthouses for Commercial Buildings

June 1, 2017

Penthouses for Commercial Buildings NYC’s Commercial landlords are adding glass-encrusted penthouses with terraces and views with an aim to make their real-estate at par with hip, contemporary workplaces. The premise of adding new structures escalates the net worth of the commercial property. Moreover, because there can only be as many penthouses, they command ultra-premium prices. A penthouse addition offers high ceilings, lots of light through glass facades and connected outd...

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Millennials in Westchester

May 26, 2017

Millennials in Westchester “Our future depends on the young” is a truism echoed by every generation. However, for real estate developers in the Westchester County the future is now and now are Millennials. A little more than 12 miles away from Manhattan is the quaintly beautiful county of Westchester. It was named and established in the year 1683 after the England city of Chester. Today, Westchester County’s population is second only to the Bronx on New York’s ma...

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The World’s Most Premium Construction Market.

May 22, 2017

The World’s Most Premium Construction Market The World's Most Premium Construction Market The city that never sleeps is now also the priciest city in the world for real estate development. New York City has surpassed Zurich, London, Tokyo and Hong Kong as the world’s priciest construction market, according to the 2017 International Construction Market Survey. Average total expenditures in The Big Apple have skyrocketed to $354 per foot; compared to $328 in Zuric...

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A New City From Scratch

May 22, 2017

New City A note to all the Big League Investors: China is building an ECOCITY south of Beijing called Xiongan New Area. If you are about to quote the misfired $91 Billion Caofeidian City then consider this; a new international airport is approved to be built between Xiongan and Beijing. Moreover, a planned new rail line will limit commuting there to an hour. All in all $290 Billion of public and private investment over next 15 years is projected for this g...

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May 20, 2017

Wine Cellar If You Refrigerate Your Champagne, You Might Be Ruining It Turns out chilling your bubbly isn't always the best idea. by HEATHER FINN MAY 17, 2017 Bubbly lovers know the drill: You buy a bottle of champagne, you bring it home, and you put it in the fridge right away so it will be nice and cold when you're finally ready to imbibe. According to one winemaking expert, though, this might not be the best ...

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